17th March 2010 Transits

by Glenda
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Today's planetary update

Date: 17th March 2010

Time: 9:30am Aust. EDT / GMT +11hrs(note: this is Australian time, so if you are in another country check your time zones)

We start the day in the 4th Lines of Gates/hexagrams 36 and 6, then at 1:06pm they move into the 5th Lines forming the Incarnation Cross of the Plane, this brings into play a transpersonal energy, where clarity comes through interaction with others. It is in joining with others that you make experience possible. This is a very ‘sexy' transit and there is also a focus on behaviour and collective flow, which all needs to be balanced in some way with the drive for experience. This transit energy could well have you getting carried away in the excitement of the moment, which may or may not be correct for you. There is a very strong demand for intimacy, and correct intimacy will bring balance and integration. The wrong intimacy will bring crisis.

The moon is in Gate 17'opinions', where it's all about following, in the context of the ancient law that those who wish to rule must know how to serve. Opinions will be formed by projecting into the future, and those opinions will only be well received if the timing is right. Then at 12:06pm she moves into conjunction with Venus in Gate 21'the hunter/huntress', bringing an energy where people might just be ‘biting through' in the context of the justified and necessary use of power in overcoming deliberate and persistent interference, this comes with a strong drive for material independence, and a need to be in control of the material aspects of life. At 11pm she moves into Gate 51 meeting up with Mercury in Gate 25, Defining the Ego/Heart and ‘G' Centres by the Channel of Initiation, a Design of Needing to be First. This brings the energy of will and direction, it is a Shaman/warrior type of energy and mystically it is about that empty handed leap into the void. In the mundane world this is a deeply competitive energy, looking for power, trying to find ways to feel the wonder of your own unique spirit, to ultimately transcend any sense of power into a totally fresh and new experience.

Today a lot of energy could go into trying to escape pressure or feeling trapped, avoiding the truth of any situation in an effort to prove or improve yourself, and you just might think that you have all the answers and all of your ideas are winners.

Observe the dance of the planets through the cosmos, feel how the energies shift and move, and don't identify with them, it's like the weather passing through, and your Strategy and Inner Authority is your umbrella in the storms of life.


These planetary ‘weather' insights are based on the Human Design System and come from a synthesis of Astrology, I Ching, Chakras, Kabbala & Physics sometimes it's clear and simple and sometimes your meditation or contemplation might be needed to really see what it means for you.

The picture above is the Human Design ‘Mandala', it shows the Planetary imprint for today & you have one of these for the planetary imprint at your birth, you can check yours out for free at my website.

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